It's Time for Therapy to Work for Everyday Life

People often assume they should know how to be in a relationship. It seems straightforward enough. The problem is relationships are simultaneously the most important thing about life and the hardest thing about life. That's a lot of pressure and it's no wonder it starts to feel like someone isn't pulling their weight. However, the solution exists in the space between the partners, essentially invisible to those looking for it. I got trained at Northwestern University to navigate it, with years of experience, so it would be weird if it was something everyone could just do. That's why I make part of my process passing along that training, so you can make it work for you moving forward.

I've helped couples, families, and individuals of all ages and stages, but I specialize in younger relationships when people are discovering who they want to be in their partnership. Consequentially, I price myself to accommodate this challenging transitional point in life. Even with my reasonable rates the financial costs can be intimidating but there's nothing that brings greater joy and meaning than connecting with a loved one. I also like to operate in a manner so clients benefit individually and relationally, making the experience valuable on multiple levels and thus all aspects of life easier. 

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